hydraulic VARIO gearbox tractor fendt

boite de vitesse hydraulique vario tracteur fendt

Fendt tractor vario hydraulic gearbox, repair, troubleshooting

We can repair all types of vario hydraulic gearboxes, which are mounted on all FENDT agricultural tractors, and partly on the hydraulic ranges of AGCO tractors, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Valtra, vario john deere gearboxes, claas, VNH, ZF, New Holland Cnh, Case IH, Claas, Deutz etc….

This type of hydromechanical transmissions is very complex and specific, The VARIO hydraulic continuously variable transmission was invented by the tractor brand FENDT in the 80’s.

at low transmission speed is 100% hydrostatic and at maximum speed, 100% mechanical, which allows for excellent efficiency
this VARIO hydraulic gearbox combines the advantages of both technologies and allows infinitely variable and continuous variations in tractor speed

transmission-variation-continue-tracteur-FENDT (FR)


A question?  A need ? contact us hydraulique-contact-hydraulicien :  tél + 33 (0)6 04 18 77 20

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